Artists on the Rise: Billie Eilish

This sixteen-year-old singer debuted her first single “ocean eyes” at just fourteen. Since then she has gained international fame with over a million copies sold. Her rise to fame was quick, but behind the heartfelt lyrics and eclectic style lies a thoughtful young adult who cares deeply about her craft.
photos via @wherearetheavocados
      Born in Los Angeles, Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell (yea that’s a name to remember) grew up surrounded by music, with her mother being the first to teach her and her brother about songwriting and lyrics. The artist said she fell in love with it, crediting her lyrics for “ocean eyes” to her brother.
            Despite what brought her to work with the likes of Khalid, Vince Staples and many more, Eilish has shown her age isn’t relevant or involved in her musical talent. Often called a “terrifying prodigy” and the “next big pop star”, but she doesn’t let these predictions go to her head. She aligns herself with friends and a laidback- casual demeanor that leaks into fashion choices as well.
And let's just talk about her Instagram for a second…
Yea that’s Odell Beckham Jr and Khalid hanging with Billie
Billie’s DGAF attitude is reflected in her wardrobe
Billie rock w/ 6lack
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  • Posted on by Peter

    Her style is sick

  • Posted on by Angela

    Amazing. Billie Eilish is an icon

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