Ice Crowned Custom Pendants
Stainless Steel Crowned Custom Pendant (note: In checkout, Include your 4 letters in the "notes" box)
$ 29.00
Serpent Chain
Stainless Steel Serpent Chain
$ 48.00
Multi Cuban Link
Stainless Steel Multi Cuban Link
$ 98.00
Medusa Bracelet
Stainless Steel Medusa Bracelet
$ 20.00
Skate Flame Chain
Stainless Steel Skate Flame Chain
$ 36.00
Rollercoaster Chain
$ 79.00
Smiley Chain
Smiley Stainless Steel chain
$ 18.00
Lock Cross Chain
Stainless Steel Lock Cross Chain
$ 18.00
PAL Chain
$ 20.00
PAL Chain
Stainless Steel Pal Chain straight from the gullies
$ 20.00
Pikachu Chain
Stainless Steel Pikachu Chain from our favorite TV show
$ 28.00
Kaws Chain
$ 39.00
Kaws Chain
From the Legendary Street Artist, Stainless Steel Kaw Chain Pendant
$ 39.00
Murakami Bear Chain
Inspired by Kanyes graduation album, a stainless steel Murakami Bear Chain
$ 59.00
Murakami Chain
Stainless steel jewelry by Takashi Murakami, a Japanese contemporary artist. Spinning Murakami flower.
$ 59.00
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