We at J Group NY are fashion gurus based in Chinatown New York City, with an illicit agenda to supply every person of the world with a piece of art inspired by the streets in every sense of the phrase. Using the finest gold and silver to craft our designs from inception to delivery  its our obsession to provide our clients with the best products and the best support and service.

At Jgroupny.com we carry the finest Hip Hop Jewelry and accessories featuring the highest quality gold, silver, steel, and cubic zirconia. It is our obsession to provide our customers with the best products, quality and prices and we follow up with Good support, service and efficient shipping. 

We keep up with all the latest fashion trends and source our exclusive merchandise from around the world including London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai. Our prowling around the World is just one of the measures we take to ensure that our customers are updated with the latest trends ahead of time and just so we bring the Next Big Thing to you first. It is not just the streets which give the inspirations; We are always looking at our favorite Musicians and Celebrities, after-all Styles and trends do get into main stream via these celebs, some of our Favorites include Kanye West, Jay Z, Young Thug and Migos.

We have been highly active through out the United States, with over a 20 years of Industry Experience and now we are glad to join the Online Community with JGroupNY.com as our E-Commerce project. Just like in the fashion industry, we like to keep up with the time, so rest assured our customers are always promised the best. Our dedicated team works round the clock, around the world, all to provide the users the best experience from Online till the product is in hands and further beyond developing a relation and a strong community as a part of J Group NY.

We welcome our users and clients to reach us for feedbacks, suggestions and critics, A Healthy communication is a strong foundation to a good future together so we would love to hear from you about our collection, and any ideas for what we should bring to you as well.

Customers, Clients and for Wholesale Deals:

E-mail us at: it@jgroupny.com

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J Group NY Inc.